I had planned to spend three days in London &
three days in Paris with my sister and family and
actually did head to London with them, however
I had a very bad cold and headed back to Dursley
after spending only a few hours in London.

I did manage to see Stonehenge with Carol & family
when we were on our way to London. It wasn't in
my plan, but I am so pleased I got to see this
magnificent monument.

I felt like a party pooper, but after having pneumonia
twice after long-haul flights, I thought it was wise to
err on the side of caution , even though I would have
loved to have seen Paris & Versailles again.

After spending a few quiet days getting over my cold,
Chris and I spent the rest of our holiday doing day
trips in the Cotswold countryside - visiting some familiar
places and also new ones.  We also spent several days
visiting Cornwall, which is about a 3+ hour drive from
Dursley.  Beautiful countryside and we also took the opportunity
to visit Lynne Danneau & her husband Wayne of Aarranz Kennels.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynne during my visit to the UK
in 2009, when Liz Harding and I attended Crufts.  Lynne's boy
'Logan' - Sh Ch Ansona Gamekeeper at Aarranz  JW ShCM
won BOB at Crufts that year and I was looking forward
to catching up and saying 'hi' & having a cuddle of Logan &
his son 'Riley' - Sh Ch Kalimor Celtic Storm at Aarranz JW. 

Lynne & Wayne made us feel very welcome during
our visit.  Logan & Riley were perfect English
gentlemen and I managed to get some lovely shots of them
(See below....)

Whilst visiting Cornwall, we stayed at the lovely Lanhydrock hotel situated
right on a golf course.  Below are some photos taken
from outside our room.

We also visited the Eden Project based in Cornwall.
This was a very interesting place indeed, initially built to
lessen the impact on the environment, using resources
efficiently and being self-sufficient in soil, water & energy.
Eden's Biome Rainforest is the largest in the world.
We spent a few hours seeing all there was to see at Eden
and below are some photos taken whilst in the Rainforest.

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