Bloat/Immune/Tail Docking/Breed Standard

The drop down menu will take you to some
important issues which can affect Weimaraners.
In our opinion,
Bloat or Gastric Torsion is one
of the most dreadful conditions your Weimaraner
can ever experience.  We have had 3 of our dogs
suffer from bloat in 32 years.  Luckily, we were able
to recognise the early signs and our dogs survived.

The information contained in the Bloat section can
be frightening to read, however, we feel that all
Weimaraner owners, particularly people who are
new to the breed, can benefit from reading about
our firsthand experiences. 

You will also find an article regarding
Immunodeficiency in Weimaraners.
Again, this is a condition which can appear
in various forms and degrees in Weimaraners.
There is no test to determine if your Weimaraner
is affected.  Some vets are unaware that Weimaraners
can suffer from immune related problems and
therefore, can mis-diagnose the condition, as it
can mask itself in various ways - i.e. continual stomach
upsets, skin conditions, high temperatures etc.

Dr. Danny Jedwab from the Hampton Vet Clinic
has seen and treated a number of dogs over
the years & his contact details can be found on the
page regarding Immunodeficiency.

Taildocking is banned in all States of Australia.
Our thoughts on taildocking can be found on
this specific page and again, these are our
opinions.  We would prefer our puppies to be
docked, however we have no choice but to
adhere to the current laws regarding this.
Should any of our undocked dogs suffer a tail
injury of any kind, we will have no hesitation
seeking veterinary treatment to remedy this.