Chris travelled to the UK to visit his mother, brother
and other members of the family late in August 2010.
Unfortunately, Di was unable to accompany Chris
due to several doctor's appointments and also
one very rambunctious, 8 month old Weimaraner
puppy to keep out of mischief !

Chris spent 3 busy weeks with his Mum, brother Richard & family
and also his Uncle Roy & cousin Stephen.
An added bonus was that his friends Peter Tansey & Peter Smith
from Australia, were also visiting the UK to see relatives, so naturally,
the guys met up for a few days together in Dursley.  They visited some
of the sights in the surrounding district - i.e. Bath, Cheltenham etc.
They also managed to get in a little duck and geese shooting
and attend the annual Frampton Country Fair & Berkeley Show
(see photos below).
Chris also visited the very eerie Woodchester Mansion - a 19th

 Century Victorian Gothic masterpiece, which is supposedly
haunted ! (See photos below)
Chris visited the mansion during the daytime and he said
he felt quite strange whilst walking the grounds and could
feel a 'presence' within the surrounds.
HRH The Prince of Wales is Patron of the mansion
which is undergoing extensive renovations.

The history surrounding the mansion is quite fascinating,
as apparently during its construction in 1873, the workmen suddenly
downed tools and abandoned the site, never to return.
The mansion & it's history can be viewed at:

(Header photo is Chris's Uncle Roy
heading off on a hunt several years ago with all the hounds)...

Berkeley Show & Frampton Fair

Salisbury & Cotswolds

Below:  Some photos of my favourite little town in
Gloucestershire - Uley.  If we ever decide to move
to the UK, then this is where I would love to live !
A beautiful, very scenic part of the Cotswolds.

A Beautiful Town

Chris took his shotgun over with him again this visit -
mainly to attend some clay target shoots and
also go duck & geese shooting with his
cousin Stephen (and beautiful, black lab Marker too of course !)
Below are some photos taken of Chris attending the
clay target shoot with his brother Richard.  Also one or two
of Peter Smith & Peter Tansey catching up with Chris at
Uncle Roy's place.  Several also of Chris, Stephen & Marker
on an early morning shoot (these pics are a little dark due
to the earliness of the hour and also the flash on the camera
deciding not to work !)