Below are photos taken of puppies from our
  litter born on 10th January 2010.

Sire: Lux Ch/Pol Ch/Eur Ch/Ltu Ch/Fnl Ch/Ger Ch/
Slv Ch/Lv Ch/ Aust Ch Ashlaren Caipiroska ('Oska')
Dam: Silvasheen Miss Megabucks ('Bree')

Thank you to all the wonderful new puppy owners
for sending through some of these great photos.

We are thrilled with the overall quality of this litter,
so a big 'thankyou' to both Oska & Bree for these
gorgeous babies. Thanks also to Carol Wright
of Grauhund Kennels for
helping us assess the
puppies at eight and ten weeks old.

Our thanks also to two of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet ~
Lainie & Warren Knox of Ashlaren Kennels
for making us feel so welcome during our visit with Bree to Oska.
Warren does a mean BBQ & breakfast !

We still remember Lainie's toast after Bree & Oska's matings ~
Quote - "Here's to Bree & Oska's 10 lovely puppies !"
Pretty close Lainie, with 10 + 1.
We are thrilled with our beautiful puppies.

Below is our 'Pink Girl' ~ Silvasheen Ezy On The Eye...
'Carla' is owned & loved by Colin, Joan & Lizzie of Lara.
Carla is doted on by Joan, Ian & Lizzie and she is
slowly becoming acquainted with Basil the cat !

(Stacked photo @ 8 weeks old....)

Below:  Here's Carla with Joan @ 5 weeks old...
Below:  Carla settling into her new home....

Below ~ 24/4/10: Here's a couple of photos of our
beautiful Carla sent through by Joan today ! 

          Above:  Carla having cuddles with Colin....and being a good girl !!
27/6/10:  A 'Carla Update' from Joan....
Our 'Little Miss Pink' has grown into a
beautiful girl ! Super smart Carla, is very much loved
by Joan, Colin & Lizzie.....


Above & Below:   Carla @ 5 months old....
          Above:  Snooze time....          Above:  With best friend ~ Lizzie 

Below is our 'Dark Blue' boy ~ Silvasheen Out For A Duck...
Due to an unfortunate change in family circumstances,
Zak was looking for a new home

Zak has now found his new home with
Rachel & Elia (owners of Ash - our 'Yellow' girl)
All going well and we are so pleased to know this
sweet boy has found his forever home with this
lovely couple and his litter sister.

(Stacked @ 8 weeks old....)

Below: Zak making himself at home..... 


Below is our 'Dark Red' boy ~ Silvasheen Diamond Heist...
'Flynn' is loved & owned by Shannon & Jen of Horsham.
Flynn has accompanied Shannon & Jen to tennis and
was quite worn out from his big day out !
Note: A tired Wei puppy is a good puppy

(Stacked @ 8 weeks old...)

Below: Flynn putting on his cute look for the camera...


28/4/10:  Shannon has sent us through an update on Flynn !!
Apparently, he is super smart and doing great with his obedience
training.  He has also been to the local Field & Game shoot and
took everything in his stride ~ no gunshyness, which is terrific !
Below are the latest pics of Flynn ~ he's growing into a handsome fellow !


          Above: 'Helping' Jen with dinner....     Above:  Cardboard boxes are so much fun !!


Above:  Flynn rehearsing for the new Sorbent advert

Above : Flynn with Shannon at the Weimaraner Club of Victoria's
recent Tracking Day.  Flynn was the youngest participant there
and from all accounts, he is a tracking star in the making !!
Way to go Flynn !!

          Above:  Flynn @ 4 months old...

          Above : Cheeky Flynn...& putting his tracking training into practice !

Below is our 'Bright Purple' girl ~ Silvasheen Diamond Lake...
'Katy' is loved & owned by Ian & Julie from Korumburra.
By all accounts, Katy has settled in well and is sleeping
nearly all through the night, only waking up to let Ian know
that she needs to go outside.  She then heads back to
bed and is off to sleep again.  What a good girl !!

(Stacked @ 8 weeks old...)

'Little Whirlwind' Katy, pictured with Ian & Julie on her way to her new home.....

Making herself at home !!!

A 'Katy update' @ 10 weeks old....
Ian & Julie are thrilled with their little 'Miss Naughty'...
Katy is doing very well on her socialisation walks and
she has learned to 'sit' in a day ~ a very clever little girl !

9/4/10:  Ian & Julie have just sent through this
absolutely delightful photo of Katy with her
feline friend - Phoebe.  Both very intent
on chasing that elusive fly !!

8/6/10: A 'Katy Update' from Julie & Ian...
Julie has very kindly sent through some
recent photos of Katy.  She is the image
of her mother Bree at the same age !
What a pretty young lady !  One of Katy's
favourite pastimes is having a snooze in
the window in the sun....


   Above Left & Right:  Katy looking the image of her mum, Bree......
and below:  With Ian in front of the fire....

7/8/10:  A Katy update from Julie & Ian...
Katy is certainly growing into a lovely girl !
Looking very much like her Mum Bree,
at the same age.

Below:  Watching & waiting...
Is he out of bed yet ????
A beautiful photo of Katy waiting
for Ian at the bedroom door...

Below:  Beautiful Katy at nearly 1 year old...

1/1/12: Below ~ Katy at nearly 2 years old...


Below is our 'Light Purple' girl ~ Silvasheen Diamond Diva...
'Pepper' is loved & spoilt rotten by Daniel & Victoria of Chirnside.
An update on Pepper from Dan & Victoria to let us know that
she has definitely made herself at home and is quite
a hit with all members of their extended family - both 2 & 4 legged !

(Stacked @ 8 weeks old...)

Pepper pictured below with Daniel & Victoria @ 6 weeks old....
Below:  Daniel & Victoria have had their camera busy &
have sent us through some recent photos of their beautiful
Miss Pepper...what a lovely young lady she is growing into !
Love the photo of Pepper's Hungarian Vizsla friend ~ 'Cassie' - what a cutie !

Above:  Pepper with her 'Mum' Victoria.....

Above:  What a good girl in the car !!!!

Above:  Pepper's best friend ~ Cassie

Below: Pepper & Daniel at the show...

It was lovely to catch up with Dan & Victoria at a show in Melbourne recently.
They brought Pepper out for the day to say hi to us and also see her
brother Spook & sister Bindi.  If you think dog shows are exciting,
you might want to think again after looking at Pepper's face
and also her 'anti-social' siblings in the photos below !!!


Below is our cheeky 'Light Green' Boy ~ Silvasheen Ready Aim Fire...
'Tyson' is owned & loved by Mark & Tara of Granite Rock.
Tyson has already attended a clay target shoot at Bairnsdale
and from all reports, he was just brilliant and not at all gunshy..
a great little gundog in the making !

(Stacked @ 8 weeks old...)

Tyson pictured with Tara on his way to his new home.....

A Tyson Update from Tara: 
Tyson is about to begin obedience classes !
We know he will excel, as he is a smart little fellow.
Tara has sent a new photo through of
Tyson and a great one of him and Mark.
We can't wait to see our mischievious
'Light Green' boy again very soon !

May 2010 ~ Tara has sent through some new pics of Tyson...
He is doing very well and enjoys his trips to the gun club.
He loves his vegies, although cauliflower is not a favourite 
We look forward to seeing how Tyson develops over the
coming months....

          Tyson in the car...          Relaxing at home......    & below - River reflection...     

7/4/11:  An update on Tyson from Tara & Mark...
He had his very first Duck Opening and did
brilliantly, retrieving over 40 ducks over the weekend
for Mark and two other shooters.
Needless to say, Mark was very pleased with his boy !
What a fabulous achievement for this
young fellow at 14 months old !
He is obviously following in both Oska & Bree's pawprints !

Below: A hint of things to come...Tyson retrieving
a duck wing at 6 weeks old...

(Below: Photos of Tyson on duck opening 2011)

What a clever fellow ! Feather & fur !! 

Above: Tyson having a well-earned rest....

Tara & Mark have welcomed their beautiful
new daughter Tamika into the world...Congratulations !
Below is a delightful photo of Tyson sitting beside Tamika...

Below: Thanks to Tara and Mark for sending us this
lovely photo of their gorgeous little Tamika
with her friend Tyson sitting in the car...


Below is our 'Light Blue' boy ~ Silvasheen Magic Millions...
'Kobi' is owned & loved by Shirley & Justin of Point Cook.
Shirley is off to puppy school with Kobi for some
socialising with puppies of the same age.
We look forward to hearing all about it !

(Stacked @ 8 weeks old...)

Kobi pictured below with Shirley & Justin before heading to his new home...

A 'Kobi' update from Shirley....
Like some of his littermates, Kobi is off to puppy school this week.
Kobi loves his food and particularly vegetables.  He has been
helping modify the garden and has pulled out the tomato plants..
a great little helper

Shirley & Justin have sent through some great new
photos of Kobi.  He has been having fun with some
new friends and is about to begin obedience.
We look forward to regular updates of Kobi here again very soon !

          Kobi on his way to his new home..        Settling in.....            
          Kobi with his new friend                      And on his new hammock bed !           

Below is our 'Light Red' boy ~ Silvasheen Shaknotstired...
'Miles' is with us until 15th April and he will then depart
for his new home in Singapore with Patricia & Louis.
We are growing very attached to Miles and it will
be hard to say 'goodbye' to him, but we will see
him again in later this year on a visit to Singapore.
  No doubt, he will have grown
into a handsome fellow by then !!

(Stacked @ 8 weeks old...)

Here's a couple of shots of Miles @ 10 weeks old...

Patricia & Louis are counting down the days now until
Miles arrives in his new country and his new home !
Patricia & Louis are very excited about Miles' arrival
and they have been very busy preparing everything for
their new bundle of grey mischief (below: see photos of Miles' toys & beds !)
It looks like Miles will be one very spoilt little Weimaraner
Miles will also commence obedience training in Singapore ~
we look forward to regular updates on our little 'jet-setter' !
Update:  Miles arrived safely in Singapore and he is settling in well.
He has already had his first obedience lesson with his own trainer.
We will have regular updates of Miles here soon....

Below:  Miles @ 12 weeks in a 'show stack' 

Below:  Miles at his one & only show in Australia before heading to Singapore....

Below: Two beautiful head shots of Miles taken on 13/4/10.....
 It appears our little Miles is quite a 'cult' figure now 
with lots of people enquiring how he is doing in Singapore,
so for this reason, we have decided to give Miles a
page all of his own, with regular updates when they
are received from Louis & Patricia.
Having Miles with us until he was 14 weeks old, only made
it just that much harder to say goodbye,
as we became very attached to him.
He will always have a special place in our hearts.
'Miles Page' for some great photos of this terrific little guy.

Below is our 'Dark Green' boy ~ Silvasheen Oska Dlarenta...
'Spook' is loved & owned by our friends, Sarah & Steve of Briagolong.
Sarah & Steve had Stan's litter brother Willie.  Sadly, Willie lost his
battle with cancer several years ago and we are more than happy
to see Spook go to Sarah & Steve.  We hope he will bring them many
years of happiness. We are lucky enough that Sarah & Steve have very kindly
agreed to let us show Spook.  He was the pick of the litter and we
feel certain he has a wonderful future ahead of him.

(Stacked @ 8 weeks old...)

Click here to go to Spook's own page...

is our 'Yellow Girl' ~ Silvasheen Akinda Magic...
'Ash' has left for her new home at Wallan, where she will be much
loved and enjoy lots of camping trips with Rachel & Elia. 

Ash was run on until 10 weeks' of
age and it was an extremely difficult decision to work out
who was our pick bitch. It was a very close decision, with Ash being
our second pick girl.  She has worked her way into our hearts and
it will be another sad day for us when we see her go.
A very pretty, full-on, intelligent girl, we feel Ash will excel at obedience or
tracking and we look forward to seeing how she develops
over the next six months or so.
Ash now has her litter brother Zak as a partner in crime -
I am sure they will have lots of fun together

Below: 'Ash' with her new family ~ Rachel & Elia.
We look forward to regular updates on our special girl 'Ash'.

Below:  Here's a couple of new pics Rachel sent through of Ash,
on her way to her new home & getting acquainted with some
of Elia & Rachel's family members (2 & 4 legged)

          Ash on her way home....          We're home !!!!!          Getting to know everyone !

          Ash with her new 'Mum' Rachel...    Having a cuddle...          Meeting Zac the Lab !

       8/4/10:  Rachel & Elia have sent through some terrific photos of Ash from their
       latest camping trip on the Murray.  Ash looks like she is having a great time !         

          Above: Ash on her first camping trip..pictured with Elia..

          Above:   Ash - the little hunter
          Below: It's been a big day...cuddles with Rachel....


** Click here to see photos of our own special girl 'Bindi' on her own page **