Sire: Eng Sh Ch Kisdon's Artist (Imp. UK)
Dam:  Greylag Silva Warena
Whelped:  25th February 1987

Masterpiece by name & masterpiece by looks, very aptly named,
Turbo was a very well put together dog with beautiful
conformation.  Unfortunately, we could never show or use him
at stud due to a floating teste which refused to budge.  We
had many stud enquiries for him over the years, however we 
had him neutered at 4 years old.  We feel certain he would have
been a great showdog with much to offer the breed as his lines
were unique.

However, this did not stop him performing brilliantly in
the field...he was a wonderful gundog with a natural ability
to mark and retrieve game.  We still feel his full potential
wasn't realised in many ways, but he was a lovely dog to
live with and loved to look after the puppies from our litters,
showing remarkable patience at times, when the babies would
tug on his ears and snuggle up for a cuddle in front of the fire.

Turbo led a full and happy life and was the proud
overseer of his little "harem" at Silvasheen.
Sadly missed to this day.

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