Sire:  Kennerton Inca
Dam:  Shadowline Bella
Whelped:  26th October 1980

Zac was our very first Weimaraner.  He was purchased
from Ron & Lindy Palmer in 1980. I wanted to buy Chris a
gundog and companion in the field and was considering either
a German Shorthaired Pointer or a Weimaraner.  

Something about the Wei appealed to me a little more and
the rest is history !  Zac joined our family in December 1980 and
our lives changed forever  

We were about to be married the following February and in
all the hustle and bustle of preparations, we now had a 4 month
old bundle of silver to consider.  Needless to say, our honeymoon
was basically non-existent because we couldn't bear to leave
Zac behind !

Zac went on to become the best gundog we could ever wish for.
He was 'borrowed' quite regularly by fellow shooters 
to retrieve lost birds and he never
failed to return with a bird in his mouth.

Shown successfully only once or twice, Zac's pedigree, 
like Tara's, is mostly English.
 Beautifully bred, Zac produced some very nice
puppies for us, the majority of which went on to become
terrific gundogs in their own right.

We will never forget our first Wei -
Greybeau Archilles.

Greybeau Archilles

Kennerton Inca

Saxonlodge Silver Sentinel (Imp. UK)

Sh Ch Ragstone Ritter (UK)

Saxonlodge Quicksilver (UK)

Merryhell Dainty (Imp. UK)

Monroe's Supremo (UK)

Monroe's Quicksilver (UK)

Shadowline Bella

Sh Ch Hansom Forward (Imp. UK)

Sh Ch Cannylad Olympus Daedalus

Sh Ch Sylhill Odette

Greylag Greta

Greymar Silver Shadow

Greymar Cindy