Sire:  Greyfilk Lammas (Imp. UK)
Dam: Aust Ch Kennerton Isabella
Whelped:  26th October 1981

Tara was our first bitch and produced 3 lovely litters for us.
She was bred from all-English lines and was 
bred to Greybeau Archilles twice and once to
Eng Sh Ch Kisdon's Artist (Imp. UK).

One of her puppies from the first mating to our old
Zac, was the very well-performed
Silvasheen Angelique UD TD (owned by Gail Smith).
Another, to the Artist mating was 
Silvasheen Masterpiece - "Turbo".
Turbo was a truly stunning dog with beautiful conformation &
we feel certain he would have done some terrific things in the
showring, however he was a monorchid & was
neutered at 4 years old.  This did not stop him being a terrific
gundog however, and he was just brilliant in the field.

Tara was truly a lady and the epitome of gentleness - she
taught us such alot about the breed in many ways.
She holds a very special place in our hearts....

Greylag Silva Warena

Greyfilk Lammas (Imp. UK)

Sh Ch Greyfilk Knightsman (UK)

Jehnvar of Greyfilk (UK)

Greyfilk Haldana (UK)

Sh Ch Greyfilk Granella (UK)

Sh Ch Greyfilk Equerry (UK)

Greyfilk Emmaclan Angelique (UK)

Aust Ch Kennerton Isabella

Saxonlodge Silver Sentinel (Imp. UK)

Sh Ch Ragstone Ritter (UK)

Saxonlodge Quicksilver (UK)

Merryhell Dainty (Imp. UK)

Monroe's Supremo (UK)

Monroe's Quicksilver (UK)